Finocchiona The Queen of Tuscan Cutting Boards


Finocchiona Toscana Igp: the fragrant Queen of the cutting board

In the variegated and prized world of Tuscan pork butchery, a cured meat unmistakable for its aroma and tradition stands out among all the excellences. This is the Tuscan finocchiona Igp: aromatic and produced with 100% Italian pork, this sausage has an ancient history that celebrates its goodness and raises it well above a simple "fragrant salami". Thanks to the online sale, the Tuscan finocchiona IGP of guaranteed quality is no longer a prerogative of central Italy but expands its aroma everywhere. Let's find out more to appreciate it even better.

History and recipe of the Queen of the Tuscan cutting board

What is the history of the Tuscan finocchiona IGP recipe? The birthplace of this salami dates back to the Middle Ages and is disputed, as often happens, between two territories of the Florentine province: Campi Bisenzio is Greve in Chianti. The choice of enriching this soft salami with fennel seeds (or flowers) in which lean meats and fatty meats mix gently, is dictated, in principle, by the savings. First of all, to replace the highly prized one with a more affordable and affordable aroma black pepper. In secundis, to soften, with a fresh and intense aroma like that of fennel, even meats and accompanying wines for sale of lower quality.

Today, this choice created to satisfy the pockets has turned out to be a variation from the original recipe capable of satisfying the palate as well. Moreover, a popular saying recalls this tradition by associating the olfactory merits of fennel with the work of "skilled hairdressers", Capable"to make even the ugliest woman look good».

Each Tuscan producer, mindful of his family traditions and free to experiment with awareness, then adjusts the recipe for Tuscan finocchiona according to his own personal inventiveness. The first variable in the preparation of a Tuscan finocchiona IGP is the quantity of aromas and spices (salt, pepper, garlic, wine red and naturally, fennel seeds or flowers), added in any case within a well-established range of the Production Regulations. Furthermore, the seasoning, proportionate to the cut of the meat and in any case between the minimum 15 days and the maximum 45 days.

finocchiona toscana salumi toscani tipici

Tuscan Finocchiona: how to consume it?

The two main characteristics of Tuscan finocchiona IGP are therefore an intense, veiled aroma of light garlic, sweetened by the oily grain and never sour. The mixture of the meat is soft and slow to cut. Many, appreciating this characteristic, prefer to savor the Tuscan finocchiona in its most modern variant, the crumble Cake. This Tuscan salami fully shares the recipe and preparation of the finocchiona, but receives a shorter seasoning that leaves the meat coarse and soft which crumbles when cut.

More than a simple appearance, the Tuscan finocchiona is a true protagonist of the typical cutting board of Tuscan cold cuts. In addition to direct consumption, Tuscan finocchiona IGP also lends itself as an excellent accompaniment to more elaborate preparations. The pasty consistency of pork makes it perfect for serving tartare, like meat to flavor the ragù or how stuffed of ravioli and tortelloni. The mandatory combination is with a glass of red wine that balances the freshness on the palate, even if many appreciate the Tuscan finocchiona also together with a mug of craft beer.

The Tuscan finocchiona for sale online is easily available. Precisely in the light of its history and respecting its ancient recipe, it would be a shame to buy any finocchiona and not let yourself be pampered, instead, by the aromas and consistency of Tuscan finocchiona with IGP mark, therefore of Protected Geographical Indication.

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