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Tuscan Pasta and Sauces: Authentic Tastes, Traditional Flavors


      Welcome to our Tuscan Pasta and Sauce Collection, where the Tuscan culinary tradition comes to life in every dish. From handmade pasta with durum wheat semolina to the robust goodness of sauces made with Tuscan tomatoes, we offer a culinary journey through the authentic flavors of Tuscany.

      Collection of Tuscan Pasta and Sauces: A Gastronomic Adventure in the Heart of Tuscany

      1. Tuscan Pici:

        • Weight: 500g
        • Description: Handmade Tuscan pasta, with a unique and enveloping format, perfect for capturing the flavors of sauces.
      2. Ragu Toscano:

        • Weight: 350g
        • Description: A rich and tasty ragu, prepared with quality meat and Tuscan tomatoes, ideal for seasoning Pici or fresh pasta.
      3. Herb Sauce:

        • Weight: 300g
        • Description: A sauce prepared with Tuscan aromatic herbs, perfect for those looking for an explosion of fresh, Mediterranean flavours.
      4. Tuscan Pesto:

        • Weight: 250g
        • Description: A pesto prepared with fresh basil, Tuscan pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil, for a richly flavored condiment.

      Why Choose Our Collection of Tuscan Pasta and Sauces:

      • Artisan Pasta: Pici handmade according to the Tuscan tradition, for a unique experience.
      • Quality Ingredients: Sauces prepared with Tuscan tomatoes and local aromatic herbs, to guarantee authenticity and freshness.
      • Variety of Flavors: From Pici to Ragu, you will find the perfect combination of pasta and sauce for every occasion.
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      13 products