Who we are

Welcome to Salumeria Toscana: A Journey between Tradition and Delight!

My name is Alessandro Fontanelli, and Salumeria Toscana is my homage to the delights that characterized my childhood. Through collaboration with local farmers, butchers and delicatessens, the use of the highest quality raw materials and my decades of experience in the delicatessen sector, I have dedicated every effort to creating an exclusive offer that celebrates the rich Tuscan pork butchery tradition.

Our Mission: Preserving the Tuscan Norcina Tradition

Salumeria Toscana is not just an online store, but a passionate commitment to preserving and sharing the culinary richness of Tuscany. Every product we offer is the result of careful selection and a process that aims to ensure that only the best reaches your tables.

The Tuscan Experience at Your Home: Our Unique and Authentic Products

From finocchiona PGI to the delicious Tuscan porchetta, from the fragrant pecorino DOP to the tasty soppressata, each Salumeria Toscana product brings with it the authentic taste of Tuscany. We are proud to present you a selection that reflects our love for tradition and passion for quality.

Explore Our Online Shop: A World of Tuscan Flavors Just A Click Away

We invite you to explore our online shop and immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey through Tuscany. Whether you are passionate about cured meats, cheeses, or Tuscan specialities, you will find a combination of authenticity and taste in our selection.

Thank you for being part of our culinary history. I hope that the proposal of Salumeria Toscana satisfies your palate and enriches your gastronomic experiences.

Enjoy your meal!

Alessandro Fontanelli


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