Who we are

My name is Alessandro Fontanelli and I am a lover of typical Tuscan cured meats. My passion began when as a child I saw my grandfather preparing salami, raw hams, and many other specialties of the Tuscan pork-butchery tradition.
Salumeria Toscana was born from the desire to let the world know the delights that have accompanied me since childhood. By combining local breeders, butchers and delicatessens, high quality raw materials, and decades of professionalism in the delicatessen sector, I have tried to create an exclusive offer that safeguards the Tuscan butchery tradition.
I hope that the proposal of Salumeria Toscana is to your liking and that you can taste these products that with so much sacrifice I try to safeguard in order to guarantee high quality.
Our store, La Taverna del Castello, is located in via Castelafalfi castello 57 in Montaione - in the heart of the Florentine countryside.
Here you can taste and buy all our products. Online purchases start directly from our store and are shipped throughout Europe.
For any information do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone number 339 879 4945, or come and visit us in our shop and we will be happy to help you.