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Artisan Tuscan cured meats - Authenticity and Taste Without Borders


      Welcome to the Collection of Artisan Tuscan Cured Meats of Salumeria Toscana: Authenticity and Taste Without Borders

      Explore our exclusive collection of artisanal Tuscan cured meats, where the authenticity of the Tuscan pork butchery tradition blends with the unmistakable taste of the best artisanal cured meats. Each product is carefully selected to offer an authentic and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Discover the variety of our cured meats, from raw ham to PGI finocchiona, for a culinary journey through the unique flavors of Tuscany.

      Collection of artisanal Tuscan cured meats: a taste of excellence

      1. Tuscan raw ham DOP:

        • Weight: Varies based on the cut chosen
        • Description: The refined taste of Tuscan raw ham, expertly prepared following the DOP tradition.
      2. Finocchiona Toscana PGI:

        • Weight: 1kg
        • Description: A typical Tuscan cured meat with the characteristic aroma of fennel, PGI certified to guarantee quality and origin.
      3. Tuscan soppressata:

        • Weight: 500g
        • Description: An excellent Tuscan cured meat, with intense flavors and artisanal workmanship that is reflected in the final result.
      4. Tuscan Salami with Fennel:

        • Weight: 400g
        • Description: A salami flavored with fennel, perfect for those looking for an aromatic and traditional taste.

      Why Choose Our Collection of Artisan Tuscan Cured Meats:

      • Artisan Tradition: Cured meats carefully prepared according to traditional Tuscan recipes.
      • Quality Certifications: Many of our cured meats carry the DOP or IGP, certifying their authenticity.
      • Careful Selection: Each product is chosen to offer the best possible gastronomic experience.

      36 products

      36 products