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Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


      Tuscan olive oil is among the most popular in Italy; center of the Tuscan economy, it is particularly recognizable for the acronym IGP, "Protected Geographical Indication",

      a certification given by the European Union precisely for the production of Tuscany.

      The temperate climate, the low rainfall, the hilly and highly calcareous terrain of Tuscany are an optimal climate for olive trees.

      Here the olive tree is quite common; approximately 93,000 hectares of olive groves, 90% of which are located in hilly or low mountain areas, are present in Florence, Grosseto, Siena and Arezzo.

      Sale of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

      Tuscany is among the six most oil producing Italian regions (430 active mills with an annual production of about 250,000 quintals, equal to about 2.91% of the total national production). The cultivated species are:

      • the Frantoio, of medium size, vigorous and with enlarged and moderately dense foliage; from its gnarled branches appear elongated silver-green leaves; 
      • the Moraiolo, rustic and not very impressive, slightly voluminous and thick, the Leccino, of medium size, with expanded and dense foliage and the Pendolino, medium vigorous, with long branches.

      Tuscan oil is certainly one of the most sought after typical Tuscan products .

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      7 products