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Typical Tuscan Cheeses: Authenticity and Delight Without Borders


      Welcome to our exclusive Collection of Typical Tuscan Cheeses, where authentic flavor and Tuscan dairy tradition come together to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Each cheese is carefully selected to offer the best of Tuscany with every taste. Discover the variety of our cheeses, from the creamy Pecorino al Tartufo to the tasty Pecorino Stagionato, for a culinary journey through the unique flavors of the region.

      Collection of Typical Tuscan Cheeses: A Delight for the Senses

      1. Pecorino with Truffle:

        • Weight: 650g
        • Description: A Pecorino cheese enriched with authentic pieces of truffle, giving a unique and sophisticated flavour.
      2. Seasoned Pecorino:

        • Weight: 500g
        • Description: Tuscan Pecorino aged with care, offering a compact consistency and an intense flavour.
      3. Pecorino with Walnuts:

        • Weight: 600g
        • Description: A delicious combination of the strong flavor of Pecorino and the crunchiness of walnuts, perfect for lovers of contrasts.
      4. Pecorino with Black Pepper:

        • Peso: 550g
        • Description: Tuscan Pecorino seasoned with black pepper for a spicy and enveloping touch.

      Why Choose Our Collection of Typical Tuscan Cheeses:

      • Craftsmanship Quality: Cheeses produced following the Tuscan artisanal dairy tradition.
      • Authentic Ingredients: Only the best local ingredients to guarantee the true Tuscan flavour.
      • Unique Variety: From creaminess to mature taste, you will find the perfect cheese for every occasion.

      Explore our collection and bring the excellence of Tuscan cheeses to the table. With Salumeria Toscana, enjoy Tuscany with every bite!

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      21 products