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      If you are looking for the best fresh meats online, then our butcher shop Toscana on line is definitely the home delivery service you were looking for.

      We are known for the sale of Tuscan meat, from the famous Fiorentina di Chianina PGI, at the Cinta Senese steak. You can find the best Tuscan meat in our online butcher's shop.

      Only Tuscan Meat

      Buy Chianina meat or fresh Cinta Senese meat to take home all over Italy with us is very easy, with our certified refrigerated delivery service at controlled temperature 2 + / + 4.

      In the home butchery you will find cuts of Maremmano beef, or PGI Chianina beef, and pork from Cinta Senese DOP reared in the wild.

      We work only Tuscan meat, coming only from Tuscan certified Tuscan cattle and pigs.

      Be wary of online butchers who do not specify the origin of the meat. A butcher that deals with the sale of Tuscan meat will clearly write that the cattle and pigs are Tuscan and certified, otherwise they will split a Florentine steak coming from France for Tuscan meat.

      30 products

      30 products