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Tuscan raw hams


      Tuscan excellence and tradition, in a collection of the highest quality. You will see the Cinta Senese PDO raw ham, or the classic PDO Tuscan Raw Ham, without forgetting the 16 months aged boneless ham (one of my favorites). In short, there is something for everyone.

      The Tuscan Crudo

      The processing of Tuscan Raw Ham dates back to the Middle Ages. Already in the ninth century in the days of winter, on the hills surrounding Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto, peasant families used to participate in a ceremony, almost a sacred rite: the killing of the pig.

      It was a day of celebration, which was celebrated with great binges, songs and dances and which provided meat to be preserved, in the form of cured meats, for a whole year, allowing families to survive the harsh winters.

      However, it was around the fifteenth century, under the Medici, that the production of ham was regulated in all its phases, with rules still applied today that can well be called a sort of disciplinary ante litteram.

      Also in the fifteenth century, the Officers of Grascia, a Florentine magisterium in charge of overseeing the application of the "fair price", were instructed to ensure compliance with production standards.

      This collection of Tuscan raw hams is the best of Tuscan delicatessen. Quality is breathed in and can be touched by hand.

      The raw hams are shipped in 24/48 hours: we do not vacuum-pack them, but we wrap them and put them in special food boxes.

      10 products

      10 products