Paccheri Rigati Artigianali 500 gr - Salumeria Toscana Paccheri Rigati Artigianali 500 grPasta ToscanaSalumeria Toscana Paccheripaccheri rigati, paccheri toscani, paccheri artigianali, pasta toscana online
Paccheri Rigati Artigianali 500 gr - Salumeria Toscana Paccheri Rigati Artigianali 500 grPasta ToscanaSalumeria Toscana Paccheripacchero, pasta artigianale toscana, pasta toscana on line

Artisan Paccheri Rigati 500 gr

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Paccheri Rigati

Bronze drawn pasta, produced with 100% Tuscan durum wheat, dried at low temperatures, this artisan pacchero amazes you with its quality.

Paccheri rigati are a very versatile pasta, suitable for both sauces and fillings, even to be baked in the oven.

The artisanal paccheri are incomparable to the industrial ones, perfect in shape but often odorless and tasteless.

Artisan pasta, on the other hand, immediately reveals its nature: as soon as you open the package, you can feel the unmistakable scent of homemade pasta, and when cooked, the flavor removes any doubt.

Certified Tuscan Pasta

Paccheri are produced only with high quality durum wheat from a certified supply chain made up of Tuscan and Italian farmers who meet the purest water of this land to offer a product that respects man and the environment.

Everything starts from Tuscany: here high quality durum wheat is grown, here the spring water flows to knead the semolina, here is the modern factory where the pasta is processed and bronze drawn, here the ancient art of the Pasta Masters for over 150 years.

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Paccheri alla Toscana

Let's find out what you need and what to do to be able to make it better.

Ingredients for 4 people:

- 100 grams onion,
- 100 grams celery,
- 100grams carrots,
- 100grams Taggiasca olives,
- 200 grams of raw ham,
- 4 tablespoons of oil,
- 400grams of liquid cream

Put the prosciutto in the basket for 10 seconds on speed 5 and set aside.

Then put the vegetables in the basket (carrots, celery and onion) and grind 5 seconds on speed 4.

Add the oil, program 3 minutes anticlockwise speed 1 temperature 100 degrees.

Then add the pitted olives 3 minutes temperature 100 degrees anticlockwise speed 1, then add the ham and continue cooking at 100 degrees anticlockwise speed 1 for 10 minutes.

Add a little brandy to taste during cooking.

At the end add the cream and continue for 10 minutes counterclockwise at speed 1 at 100 degrees.

It is an ideal sauce for a first course with paccheri or penne rigate. Enjoy your meal!

pacchero ruvido, pasta toscana, vendita online

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A Tradition

It may be that the Tuscans are not like the oxen, who see everything in a big way: but it is certain that they never lose sight of the extent of the world, and the clear and secret relationships between men and nature.

An excellent raw material

Raised in a natural way, with tradition and profession transformed into a prized meat known all over the world.

Cinta Senese
raised in the wild

An ancient and very valuable breed, unique of its kind, transmits the whole ancient history of the Tuscan Norcini, to give life to the best Tuscan Salami

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