Cesto Natalizio Gourmet - Salumeria Toscana Cesto Natalizio Gourmetla fabbrica del panforteSalumeria Toscana Cesti regalodolci tipici, cesto regalo natale, confezioni regali gastronomici
Cesto Natalizio Gourmet - Salumeria Toscana Cesto Natalizio Gourmetla fabbrica del panforteSalumeria Toscana Cesti regaloconfezioni natalizie, regali pasquali, cesti alimentari

Gourmet Christmas Basket - The Artisanal Delights of Tuscany

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Introduction: Give the gift of an unforgettable Christmas with our Gourmet Christmas Hamper, an explosion of artisanal Tuscan flavors that will delight the palate and add a touch of class to your holidays. With delicacies such as Ricciarelli di Siena, Cantuccini PGI, Amaretti Morbidi and much more, this hamper is the perfect gift to share the Tuscan tradition with those you love.

Contents of the Basket:

  1. Ricciarelli di Siena (250g): Soft and almondy sweets, typical of Siena, for an enveloping taste.

  2. Tuscan Cantuccini PGI (300g): Crunchy and fragrant, ideal for dipping in vin santo or coffee.

  3. Soft Macaroons (250g): Small bites of sweetness, soft and rich in almonds.

  4. Chocolate Cantuccini (300g): A delicious variant of the classic cantuccini, enriched with pieces of chocolate.

  5. Soft Chocolate Amaretti (250g): An irresistible combination of chocolate and amaretti, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

  6. Nougat (250g): A Christmas classic, with honey, almonds and pistachios.

  7. Artisan Panettone (1kg): A fragrant and soft panettone, prepared with high quality ingredients.

  8. Cavallucci di Siena (500g): Dense and fragrant biscuits, rich in dried fruit and spices.

  9. Panforte di Siena (340g): A delicacy of dried fruit, honey and spices, typical of the Sienese tradition.

Main features:

  • Tuscan Artisan Products: Made with passion and following traditional recipes.
  • Elegant Packaging: Presented in a refined hamper, ready to be given as a gift.
  • Complete Assortment: From the softness of amaretti to the crunchiness of cantuccini, for all tastes.

Why Choose Our Christmas Hamper:

  • Meaningful Gift: A gesture that brings the heart of Tuscany into the home of the person receiving the gift.
  • Versatile and Shareable: Perfect for sharing moments of joy and sweetness with friends and family.
  • Tradition in Every Bite: Each dessert tells the story and passion of the Tuscan culinary tradition.

Our fresh Tuscan meat is a culinary treasure that can only be shipped in strict compliance with all current regulations on fresh meat.

Delivery time: Delivery times vary depending on the destination area and vary between 24 and 48 hours from the moment of collection in the warehouse, which takes place from Monday to Wednesday.

Shipping cost:

  • Italy: Shipping Fresh meat €10, free in Italy for orders over €150

  • Shipping with Express Courier in Italy: Food shipping excluding fresh meat €7.90, free in Italy for orders over €75 (only for cured meats, cheeses, hams, wine, desserts)

  • Shipments to Europe: The cost varies based on weight (each 5kg) and delivery speed, starting from €19.90.

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allevamento in toscana, salumeria toscana


A Tradition

It may be that the Tuscans are not like the oxen, who see everything in a big way: but it is certain that they never lose sight of the extent of the world, and the clear and secret relationships between men and nature.

An excellent raw material

Raised in a natural way, with tradition and profession transformed into a prized meat known all over the world.

Cinta Senese
raised in the wild

An ancient and very valuable breed, unique of its kind, transmits the whole ancient history of the Tuscan Norcini, to give life to the best Tuscan Salami

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