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Capocollo of Cinta Senese DOP 600 gr Tuscan pork

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Capocollo of Cinta Senese PDO - a gastronomic excellence guaranteed by the DOP brand.

Also called cup of Cinta Senese, is a Tuscan salami obtained exclusively from pure Cinta Senese pigs aged between 12 and 16 months.

It is produced with the part of the boned pork neck, flavored with salt, pepper, spices and natural flavors, and then left to mature for 2 to 4 months.

Capocollo Senese DOP is bright red in color, with a strong presence of marbling fat.

One of the peculiarities is the presence of the wild fennel flower with which it is covered, giving this product a unique flavor of the Tuscan tradition.


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The capocollo is the anatomical piece of the pig that goes from the nape to the fifth rib.

The capocollo of Cinta Senese is prepared by massaging the piece with a sales mixture, pepper and garlic crushed and then covered for 3 days at the end of which it is washed and covered with a sheet of paper straw and placed to mature in the seasoning cells. The Cinta Senese capocollo lends itself very well to long aging.

The final product is presented in an elongated shape of about 35 cm with diameters of 7-8cm and the weight of 1.6 kg and wrapped in yellow paper and tied with hemp ropes.

When cut, the capocollo is appreciated for the bright red color of the lean part, white-pink marbling that surrounds and delimits the lean portions and quality index of the product.

The marbling is typical as well as the flavor and consistency of the fat that melts in the mouth releasing characteristic aromas and fragrances. By choice we do not add fennel so as not to cover or alter this peculiarity.

We recommend tasting this product as it is but we recognize that it resumes very well to participate in very interesting culinary preparations.



Coppa di Cinta Senese has a firm flesh of a bright red color, with evident marbling. The particularity of the Cinta Senese pig, the raw material used, and the open-air rearing and genuine nutrition, which give the capocollo an unmistakable quality and a unique taste.
It is obtained exclusively from pure Cinta Senese PDO pigs slaughtered between 12 and 16 months.
The first phase of the production process includes a preparatory massage to remove residual blood, and a wash with hot vinegar, garlic and natural aromas.
Subsequently, it is salted for 14 days with sea salt dosed in proportion to the weight of the piece.
After salting, the Cinta Senese capocollo is desalted and left to rest for about two weeks at a temperature of 5/6 ° C and relative humidity around 60%.
After resting, the capocollo is wrapped with pepper and wild fennel and tied by hand with string. From here begins the real maturation at a temperature of 14/16 ° C with a relative humidity of around 72/75% for about 6 months.

The Cinta Senese

The Cinta Senese is a Tuscan pig breed, unique in the world.

The meat of these Tuscan pigs is recognized in protected designation of origin (PDO) by the European Commission in 2012. It is a ancient breed the Cinta Senese  which, as the name implies, was widespread on hills of Siena , in Tuscany .

It is different from the Tuscan black pig and it is not a boar - pig cross.     

These Sienese pigs live in the wild or semi-wild, they are a medium-sized pig breed, with a dark-colored coat, with the characteristic band of white fur that surrounds the thorax and the hind legs of the animal.

Why is it called "Cinta Senese"? The president of the consortium Daniele Baruffaldi, who also owns a Cinta Senese breeding:

"The Cinta Senese is a unique animal, with a dark color, characterized by a white" strip "that covers the front part of the body.

In short, a "belt". Senese, because he lived in the surroundings especially of Siena. Even today there are those who think that the name referred to the city walls ... or a cross with the wild boar. None of this "


Due to its robustness and resistance characteristics, the love senese was a very popular Tuscan breed of pigs until the 1950s. In that period, however, in Tuscany , other pig breeds were introduced, reared with industrial methods.

Thus it was that the Cinta Senese risked extinction, also because if reared like white or large white pigs, it tended to accumulate too much fat.

Between the 80s and 90s when a group of breeders decided to reintroduce the native Tuscan breed, there were only 150 examples left.

To enhance this Italian animal, the Consortium for the protection of Love Senese , which initiated and concluded the process for obtaining the meat DOP.    

The specification provides three important rules on the subject :

1) The animals must have the right space to move , therefore, there cannot be more than 1500 kilos of live meat per hectare. Let's say, to understand, that it is about 10 adult animals per hectare .

Remember that in organic farming, on the other hand, ten animals can live in 2500 square meters. The examples of Cinta Senese live in one space 4 times larger than organic meat ;

2) You can feed them with products derived 60% from Tuscany, without soy or GMOs, without derivatives from chemical extraction because obviously, in the past they did not exist.

3) Animals cannot be slaughtered before the age of one year.    


The taste

One very different flavor than classic pork , with unique characteristics.

One of the biggest differences is the added value present in the fat, completely different from that of the white pig, much softer, with larger cells and rich in water.

We are talking about 35 degrees against 64 of normal fat, rich in omega 3 and omega 6 antioxidants, because they eat natural. 

The Cinta Senese pork capocollo is certainly one of the most prized and appreciated cured meats of Tuscany, the main characteristic of the Cinta Senese capocollo is the balance that is created between the savory part of the capocollo and the fatty, sweet and delicate part.

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Customer Reviews

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Capocollo di Cinta Senese 650gr Suino Toscano

Andrea Mecarelli

Qualità eccellente, servizio inappuntabile. Dopo il primo ordine ho fatto subito il secondo e la serie continuerà. Massima soddisfazione


Non ho ancora aperto la confezione

Tiziana filippini
Buono ma fresco

Capocollo ottimo di sapore ma non stagionato come dovrebbe. Suggerisco fare pezzature più grandi così chi lo acquista può appenderlo e continuare la stagionatura.

Prodotti di ottima qualità

Velocissimi nelle consegne, grazie.

allevamento in toscana, salumeria toscana


A Tradition

It may be that the Tuscans are not like the oxen, who see everything in a big way: but it is certain that they never lose sight of the extent of the world, and the clear and secret relationships between men and nature.

An excellent raw material

Raised in a natural way, with tradition and profession transformed into a prized meat known all over the world.

Cinta Senese
raised in the wild

An ancient and very valuable breed, unique of its kind, transmits the whole ancient history of the Tuscan Norcini, to give life to the best Tuscan Salami

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