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Here you will find all our Tuscan cold cuts, there is neither for all tastes.

Tuscany is a living land where you can breathe the passion and cult of the past. From a strictly family production we have now gone to a more extensive one where, however, tradition and innovation coexist in respect of memory, culture and history as a ritual to be respected and maintained over time in order not to affect the authenticity of what is produced. Tuscan cured meats have distant roots and present peculiar and original characteristics, thanks to the favorable climate that contributes to the perfect maturation of the meats, the typical aromas of its vegetation, combined with the ingredients of the recipes of the producers that have been handed down from generation to generation. From this experience Tuscan cold cuts are created, Tuscan delicatessen products of excellence with unique and unmistakable flavors and aromas.

All our products are obtained from rigorously high quality Italian meat, selected directly from the best farms. You can also buy products in different sizes and sizes, packaged in vacuum-packed slices to ensure maximum freshness

The platter of Tuscan cold cuts is very rich, in fact, in addition to the Tuscan ham, Tuscan salami and finocchiona there are many other cold cuts, perhaps unknown to most, but certainly of gastronomic and cultural value. Given the typical nature of these products, I am convinced that some words should be spent on them. Let's start with the best-known typical products, and then get to know better those typical cured meats that have less emphasis on a national level, but which are really, I assure you, "unmissable" in terms of taste. Once again it can be said that the typicality of Tuscan salami is rich, they are a real treasure that is worth knowing. So let's start to do it on a theoretical level and then perhaps driven by curiosity even on a "practical" level. Salumeria Toscana specializes in the sale of typical Tuscan salami online.

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35 products