The real Tuscan Artisan Porchetta

Tuscan porchetta: the scent of tradition in a sandwich

The queen of simple street food, but also a product of a refined gastronomic tradition. Perfect in sandwiches, but also sliced and served warm. And the pork, undisputed protagonist of the butchery of Central Italy. A delicious filling par excellence, porchetta is the ideal accompaniment to any picnic in the Roman Hills or in the Tuscan hinterland. However, if it is not always possible to go on an adventure, just one click is enough to have the scent of the handcrafted porchetta for sale online.

The age-old diatribe on small-large variations between regional recipes is destined to remain open forever. Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and even Abruzzo contend for the title of land of porchetta artisanal, but then ... what does it matter if each variant on sale satisfies a different need? That the crust whether crunchy or juicier, whether you add it or not fennel and other flavorings, that the pork is cooked with or without bone, adding i livers: the Italian cookbook has a special porchetta for everyone's tastes.

So, if in Tuscany it is usual boning the pork and keep the excess meat for other preparations, some Umbrian versions of the artisanal porchetta they prefer to cook pork on the bone. What is the right method? It doesn't matter to attribute primates, as long as they're both delicious and available online. Even within the same regional recipe, there are also different variations. The Tuscan tradition, for example, it is usually characterized by a wise and generous use of aromas, but it is not uncommon to come across the sale of Tuscan artisan porchetta prepared with a few and just perfumes. The goodness of the porchetta is not in any case attributable to a single step of its preparation, but is rather the result of a long and proven process.

Porchetta Toscana artigianale vendita porchetta online

Artisan recipe of Tuscan porchetta

First universal ingredient: the slow cooking. Rest, cooking and more rest: the stages of preparation of Tuscan porchetta are necessarily long, as they allow the meat to remain moist and juicy, the rind to become crunchy, the aromas of spice up the filling properly. A self-respecting artisan porchetta must then be prepared with highly selected meats, strictly national. Some artisan workshops they bone the pork by hand for the Tuscan porchetta, so as to be able to preserve livers, entrails, ears or other parts: nothing is thrown away from the pig, quite right?

As for spices, the traditional aromas of this recipe are the basis of the aroma of Tuscan porchetta: sea salt, black pepper, garlic, rosemary. The aromas are massaged and slowly absorbed by the meat, before completing the masterpiece in oven - strictly wood –, with cooking that varies, according to the size of the pig, from 5 to 12 hours. Finally, the cooling down which compacts the meat and dries the excess fat for as many hours. At this point, the Tuscan artisanal porchetta is ready also for online sale. If not consumed immediately, the porchetta should be kept in the refrigerator, perhaps wrapped in a cloth to keep it soft.

Porchetta triumphs among typical Tuscan cold cuts also for its use. In addition to the traditional way of filling take-away sandwiches, to be swallowed with two gotti di house red, the Tuscan artisan porchetta is also perfect as starter. Cut into cubes or sliced and served hot, porchetta, although for sale online and not served by the usual kiosk on the side of the road, it is a real weapon of seduction, triggered thanks to a simple but unmistakable perfume.

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