Guanciale al Pepe stagionato 900gr artigianale - Salumeria Toscana Guanciale al Pepe stagionato 900gr artigianaleSalumificio VianiSalumeria Toscana guancialeGuanciale al Pepe 1,4 Kg - Salumeria Toscana - gota, guancia, guanciale, Lardo, rigatino, salumi
Guanciale al Pepe stagionato 900gr artigianale - Salumeria Toscana Guanciale al Pepe stagionato 900gr artigianaleSalumificio VianiSalumeria Toscana guancialeGuanciale al Pepe 1,4 Kg - Salumeria Toscana - gota, guancia, guanciale, Lardo, rigatino, salumi

Handcrafted pork cheek with seasoned 900gr

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Bacon with Pepper 

Guanciale al Pepe is a cured meat obtained from the cheek of the pig, crossed by lean veins of muscle with a component of precious fat.

It has a more intense flavor than the bacon and the most delicate structure.

During cooking, the fat in the Guanciale al Pepe melts, giving depth to the flavor of the dishes in which it is used.

For the production of the seasoned Guanciale, only meat from Italian pigs that are at least nine months old is used.

Seasoned pork cheek

They come from certified farms, or bred in the wild, such as the Nera Parmigiana from which an even more prized Guanciale al Pepe is obtained.

Our 'GOTA' as it is called in Tuscany reflects all the characteristics of Tuscan artisan cured meats - a precious and sought-after product.

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Information Pepper pillow

The operation of its sectioning requires quite a long time, it must be performed with particular skill and experience even in the trimming phase which allows to arrive at the typical triangular shape with which we find it on the market.

The cut of the bacon thus obtained must go through the "salting", which takes place manually and lasts 4-5 days during which the meat must be massaged with care and delicacy.

After this period of time, after washing, you can start spice it using pepper and chilli, i.e. the ingredients that build the base of a mix which, depending on the area, can be further enriched and flavored by adding garlic, rosemary, sage or other types of herbs.

This step can, however, be eliminated, as occurs in much of the production in Emilia Romagna, where only salt is used

The cut that characterizes it includes the cheek and part of the throat: for this reason in some areas we also find it with the name of "Schooner"Or"Cheek", A Tuscan term that means, in fact," cheek ".

 Bacon with pepper seasoning

The drying period of the guanciale is 4-5 days and precedes that of the seasoning it will have a variable duration between 60 and 90 days and that must take place in suitable environments, such as natural cellars, able to offer an optimal climate.

The bacon with pepper has a high percentage of fat, it can be even higher than 70% and, for this reason, it is often used in the kitchen for the preparation of some of the tastiest and most popular recipes of central Italian cuisine.

The internal guanciale has a triangular shape with a weight of about 2.5 kg. The history of the guanciale is as old as that of the pig, the animal of which nothing has ever been thrown away. 

Guanciale, one of the most important cured meats of the Lazio gastronomic culture, today boasts a notable national and international resonance, thanks to its importance in some of the most important recipes traditional.

I want to tell you right away that this size corresponds to a whole cheek, vacuum-packed at the time of ordering.

The weight ranges from 1.3 to 1.5 kg, possibly the missing weight will be compensated with surpluses of other products; you can also keep it out of the fridge in a cool place.

 Pepe bacon how to taste it

Cut into thin slices it is the absolute protagonist of many dishes, starting with the plate of appetizers and the platter of cold cuts which are thus further enriched by its intense flavor.

Pork cheek is also used in the preparation of exquisite bruschetta which become the delicious and indispensable idea for snacks to be dedicated to an aperitif or an aperitif.

The heat of the bread, in fact, will melt its wonderful fatty part allowing us to savor the delicious mix created by its velvety softness and the crunchiness of the bread.

From this point of view, the crouton that sees it as the protagonist is absolutely worth trying together with the refined intensity of the black truffle.

The bacon with pepper is cut by hand. After removing the rind, the whole piece is divided in half, deciding the thickness of the slices according to the way we want to taste them.

We continue to proceed with the cut making strips in the event that the "Guanciale" is to be used in the preparation of the condiments of delicious first courses.

Pork cheek must always be stored in a cool and dry place and it is recommended to consume it in a rather short time.

Once cut, pork cheek guarantees its delicacy for a maximum of one month, so it is necessary to be careful to protect the part exposed to the air, perhaps putting it under vacuum and placing it in a cool and dry environment such as a cellar or refrigerator.


As part of a perfect balanced diet, it ranks among the ingredients of fundamental importance in the preparation of sauces for famous first courses in traditional recipe books and for their genuine goodness, starting with the classics "Tomato and bacon" is "bacon and egg”.

Together with pecorino it allows you to create, very quickly, an exceptional condiment for pasta shapes such as gnocchi.

The bacon is very versatile, it also becomes exceptional in creating the most delicious and elaborate dishes they see peculiar ingredients such as blueberries and lime with which, for example, it combines perfectly in the creation of a very refined risotto.

The combination of pork cheek with oysters is exquisite and allows you to create delicious rolls to be filled with different ingredients: from chestnuts to fish and flavored bananas, creating a delicacy not to be missed.

Buying pepper bacon online is very easy, from Tuscan delicatessen leader in the sale of typical Tuscan cold cuts online.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Marcello De Vitis
Guanciale che passione.........

Prodotto a dir poco fantastico, mio figlio vive a Parigi e per combinazione si è trovato qui quando ho aperto il pacco; è un cuoco provetto per hobby e ci ha preparato subito dei bucatini alla GRICIA; eravamo tutti al settimo cielo per il sapore fantastico del prodotto e per la sua versatilità. Inutile dire che si è portato via in Francia la metà dei prodotti che ho ordinato.....Pazienza....

Bernaschina Cinzia

Ottimo veramente

Cinzia Cambria

Guanciale al Pepe stagionato 900gr artigianale

Mauro Busiello
Guanciale sublime.

L' ho fatto subito alla carbonara, per non perdere, sia l' bitudine e sia il gusto intenso al mio palato, MERAVIGLIA DELLE MERAVIGLIE.
IL MIO AMICO Alessandro, della salumeria Toscana, è il mio miglior negozio online che ci sia, COMPLIMENTI PER I TUOI PRODOTTI, ciao Alessandro, Mauro dalla Romania Sibiu.

Tutto ok

Veloce e qualità ottima

allevamento in toscana, salumeria toscana


A Tradition

It may be that the Tuscans are not like the oxen, who see everything in a big way: but it is certain that they never lose sight of the extent of the world, and the clear and secret relationships between men and nature.

An excellent raw material

Raised in a natural way, with tradition and profession transformed into a prized meat known all over the world.

Cinta Senese
raised in the wild

An ancient and very valuable breed, unique of its kind, transmits the whole ancient history of the Tuscan Norcini, to give life to the best Tuscan Salami

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