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Cow's cheese MUFFONE 600 gr

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Artisan Cow Cheese

Cheese produced with cow's milk, natural rennet, selected lactic ferments and Volterra salt, thus resulting in a fresh cheese, with a flowery crest of cow's milk, with a delicate flavor, a whole form of 600 gr. approximately.


The peculiarity of this artisan cheese is certainly the flowery rind, a noble whitish mold, caused by the microflora, characteristic of soft cheeses.

The mold is clearly edible, the contrast that is created between the aromatic complexity of the rind and the soft inside creates a combination that will conquer you.

The flowery rinds have a light but intense fluff on the surface, of a grayish-white color, dry and compact, which envelops the whole cheese like a kind of felt.

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Useful information

Cow cheeses with a flowery rind have unmistakable aromas: musk, meadow, water rot, pleasant vegetal scents.

Aromas enclosed above all in the rind: we avoid removing it thinking that it is not edible.

The crust in this case is eaten: it is the reason why they are marketed wrapped in food papers and in wooden or cardboard containers.

THE artisanal cheeses with a flowery rind, proteolysis and lipolysis reactions frequently develop in the sub-crust, which result in the fluidification of the paste and the onset of penetrating odors and aromas with a strong, sometimes spicy taste.

(A process similar to what happens in washed rind cheeses. On the latter the external surface is subjected to periodic "sponging" of water and salt).

formaggio di mucca caseificio nuovo




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Formaggio di Mucca MUFFONE 600 gr

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Formaggio di Mucca MUFFONE 600 gr

roberto rho


allevamento in toscana, salumeria toscana


A Tradition

It may be that the Tuscans are not like the oxen, who see everything in a big way: but it is certain that they never lose sight of the extent of the world, and the clear and secret relationships between men and nature.

An excellent raw material

Raised in a natural way, with tradition and profession transformed into a prized meat known all over the world.

Cinta Senese
raised in the wild

An ancient and very valuable breed, unique of its kind, transmits the whole ancient history of the Tuscan Norcini, to give life to the best Tuscan Salami

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